Top 3 Best Brownie Pans You Should Have in Your Kitchen

You wake up from a deep sleep to the sun warming your face. It’s Sunday morning, and you’ve got all the time in the world. No work, no responsibilities, no problems. Time to make some brownies! You’re having family over, so you want the brownies to be as beautiful as they are delicious. You search for just the right recipe, something slightly cakey, and with a hint of fudgyness. Something that treats the tastebuds as well as the soul. Something that combines crispiness with a rich texture. You find just the right recipe, and you have all the right ingredients—no substitutions. Next, you pull out your baking pan. It’s got some dings in it, and looks worn out. This won’t do. It’s falling apart. You need a new brownie pan, one that’ll give your brownies that extra zing. One that’ll have people raving about your brownies. Save your frustration and confusion for measuring out ingredients, (numbers are hard!) we’re here to help. These are our top three brownie pans you should have in your kitchen, in no particular order.


Number 1:

The Bakelicious Crispy Corners brownie pan. This pan is for connoisseurs of the crispy arts. The crispiness of this pan comes from the unique six-holed square design that ensures every side of the brownie has a nice crust, and that the brownies are fully cooked. Just simply pour your favorite brownie recipe into the durable, carbon steel mold, and voila! Perfectly baked brownies with a slight crunch on the outside. This pan also sports twelve individual brownie molds, so you’ll have plenty for any house guests, or for yourself! Worried about how you’ll get twelve brownies out of the pan without making a mess of your kitchen? Fear no longer. This pan is coated with a non-stick layer to ensure that no brownie is left behind, and that your brownies are full, perfect, and just the way you want, every time.    


Number 2:

Next on our list is the Baker's Edge brownie pan. Remember that snake game you could play on the old Nokia phones? Yeah, this pan looks like that. Its sleek design creates a crisp crust all the way around the brownies, maintaining a nice crisp texture on the outside, and a soft chewy center on the inside. Gone are the days of runny, under-cooked brownies with the texture of a chocolate smoothie. The M-shaped pan connects the entirety of the brownie batter, so pouring and spreading is a breeze and cutting and serving the brownies has never been easier. This pan also comes with a non-stick surface, which seems to be a mainstay in baking these days, and for good reason. Nobody wants bits and crumbs of brownie (maybe in their ice cream?). Say goodbye to crumbly pieces of brownie, and say hello to warm, perfectly-shaped chocolate treats! Another plus is that it’s made of strong aluminum, which is also light and easy to carry, and comes in handy when making a truckload of brownies for friends and family. It comes with a limited ninety day warranty, which will replace your pan if it is found to be defective under normal use within ninety days of purchase. This pan can even be used for lasagna if you’re craving something savory.    


Number 3:

Nobody has trouble getting kids to eat chocolate, but why not make it extra fun? The Bite-Size Brownie Squares Silicone Mold 24-Cavity brownie pan is just the tool you need to keep the fun going. Having a birthday party for your child? Or maybe just a get together with some friends? This pan can do it all. Just pour some brownie batter into the twenty-four individual silicone molds, pop in the oven, and you’ve got yourself two dozen individualized brownies just waiting to be devoured. This pan is made of silicone, so it’s also very light and flexible, as well as being able to be used in the microwave and cleaned in the dishwasher, so you can spend less time cleaning and cooking, and more time eating and enjoying your delicious creations. It’s also stain and odor resistant, so no need for harsh chemicals when cleaning. It’s also rated to be safe in the oven up to 500 F. You get the flexibility and low weight of a plastic pan, with the strength and durability of one made out of steel. The silicone has non-stick properties, so popping brownies out in a flash for eager kids is as easy as eating them. This pan comes with a lifetime limited warranty, which is comforting to know, especially if you use your pan regularly, or if you have kids. In addition to making sweet, chocolatey brownies, you can also use this mold for making ice cream bites, or even cake pops. The uses for this pan are endless. You could even try making multi-layered mini cookie bars, packing several flavors into one sweet confection. It’s just a great universal pan for any bite-sized treat. Trust us, your kids will love the poppablilty of anything made with this pan.  


These three pans are our quintessential brownie pans for brownie fans. We hold our brownies to a high standard so it’s natural that the pans we use to make them should be as well. Choosing the right pan for your brownie making needs ensures that your brownies will be just how you want them, in addition to cutting down on wasting ingredients due to a bad or incorrect pan. Got any questions for us? Any recipes you’d like to share? Experiences with these pans? Leave them down in the comments!





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